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You can drive to ToriParkki via two entrance ramps (max height 2,3m), both of them located along Kauppapuistikko street, one at the southern and the other at the northern end of ToriParkki. ToriParkki car-park is on two levels, both with a large number of parking bays.

ToriParkki is operated with ’Pay on Foot’ automatic machines. The pay stations accept cash and debit/credit cards The machines accept 5 € / 10 € / 20 € bank notes as well as 50 cent / 1 € / 2 € coins. The pay station machine will return change.

There are underground access routes to the surrounding buildings – two routes to Rewell Center Mall, one to Espen Mall and one to Sampotalo. The route to Sampotalo is for both pedestrians and vehicles. You can drive from the Sampotalo (Citymarket) car-park to ToriParkki but not the other way round. There are four elevators / staircases from ToriParkki out to the market square.

How to Use the ’Pay on Foot’ Parking

On arrival

Drive down to the barrier, press a button and take the ticket from the machine. The barrier will lift for you to enter.

Drive to car-park and choose your parking bay where you like, either on the upper or on the lower level.

On leaving

When you return to the car-park, insert your ticket in one of the eight automatic pay stations and it will display the sum you are required to pay.

After the payment, take back the ticket, drive to the barrier, the barrier will lift for you to exit. You can now leave the car-park.



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