13/10/2023 Update

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. When carrying out its transactions, Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy must process personal data. It is important for you to know that we always do our best and process your personal data carefully and securely.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Articles 12, 13, 14 and 19.


Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy, c/o Kauppakeskus Rewell 203, 65100 Vaasa. Social security number: 0881518-3

Purpose of personal data processing

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy collects and processes personal data in order to operate efficiently and provide you with the best possible products and services.

You provide your personal information when you buy parking products, make a contract or contact Toripark’s support. We use video surveillance to prevent theft and vandalism and to provide optimal service. In this case, we may process personal data, for example the registration number.

Your rights apply to your personal data

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides individuals with rights regarding their personal data. Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy respects your rights. Here we present how we ensure your right to the protection of your personal data.

Your rights:

  • The right to receive your personal data held by Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy and to receive confirmation as to whether your personal data will be processed.
  • You have the right to ask Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy to delete information that is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected or processed.
  • If you want to exercise your rights or get more information about the processing of your personal data, you can contact the controller mentioned in this statement.
  • You have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority if you believe that the processing of personal data concerning you violates applicable data protection regulations.

The personal data we process may consist of the following:

  • Contact information (First name, first name, last name, street address, postal code, city, telephone number, email address and title)
  • Invoicing information of the business customer (company name, Y-ID, contact person’s name, invoicing information
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Video recordings of Vaasa Toripäsköinn
  • Signatures

Possible contests and raffles

Personal data is collected and stored temporarily to organize a raffle or competition. The information is used to run the raffle or contest, to contact the winner, and to deliver a possible prize. By participating in the contest, participants grant the contest organizer the right to publish the winner’s name and place of residence without separate notice or compensation in the media chosen by the contest organizer.

The competition form collects the following information: name, phone number, email address.

When contacting the winner, the following information may also be collected in order to deliver the prize: name, phone number, local address, zip code, post office.

Recipients of personal data

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy may provide personal data to third parties, such as a service provider or in accordance with applicable laws and rules of procedure and obligations. We may share your personal data at the request of, for example, the police, tax authorities or other authorities.

Transfers of personal data to a third country or international organization and the safeguards used

We do not transfer personal data to third countries, outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, or to international organizations. In the case of Facebook and Google Analytics, the site’s statistics and analytics data are transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Retention period of personal data or criteria for determining the retention period

Personal data in accordance with this statement will only be stored as long and to the extent that they are necessary and the data controller will use them in activities related to the stated processing purposes, such as contract parking. Raffle or competition: All collected personal data will be destroyed after delivery of the prize within 1 month at the latest.

Relevant data for automated decision-making or profiling

The processing of personal data does not involve automated decision-making or profiling based on personal data.

Effects of personal data processing and general description technical and organizational security measures

We carefully protect personal data throughout its life cycle using appropriate data protection and information security measures. The system providers of the competition or raffle register process personal data in secure server facilities. Access to personal data is limited and the personnel has a duty of confidentiality.

We protect personal data with, among other things, proactive risk management and security planning, data communication protection measures and using secure device spaces, access control and security systems. Granting and monitoring of access rights is managed. We regularly train our personnel involved in the processing of personal data and make sure that the personnel of our partners also understand the confidential nature of personal data and the importance of safe processing. We choose the subcontractors we use carefully. We are constantly updating our internal policies and guidelines.

If, despite all our protective measures, personal data falls into the wrong hands, it is possible that the personal data will be misused. If we detect such an event, we will immediately investigate it and try to prevent the resulting damage. We inform the necessary authorities and registrants about the data security breach in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.


We use cookies on our website to guarantee that our service is efficient and user-friendly. The cookies saved by the website can be used to generate statistical data and to provide the best possible user experience on different end devices.

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the user’s terminal and stored there. The information collected with the help of cookies is anonymous and does not contain any personal data. The information cannot therefore be linked to individual persons. Cookies do not damage the user’s terminal device or the files stored on it.

It is possible for the user to disable the use of cookies in their browser settings. If the storage of cookies is not allowed in the browser of the terminal device, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of all services on our site.

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Changes and updates

If necessary, we will update our privacy statement.

Contact information of the registrar

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy has done its best to develop internal procedures, protect personal data, raise awareness and provide answers to questions about data protection, the personal data it collects and its use. You can contact us if you want to update your information or use any of the data protection rights of your personal data.

Registry matters: Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy, Pauliina Sundqvist, tel. 050 369 4456, pauliina.sundqvist@rewell.fi

Parking rights: Info Studio Ticket phone +358 6 3176514

Written requests for data protection. Vaasa Toriparkki Oy. Köpcenter Rewell 203, 65100 Vaasa or pauliina.sundqvist@rewell.fi

Terms of Service

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy rents parking rights in its facility to private customers under the following conditions:

  • The rent must be paid with a payment card in the online service. The customer is responsible for ensuring that a working payment card is connected to the service
  • Rent is charged for a 1-month parking product every month from the moment of purchase until the customer ends the contract. Collected rents are not returned, even if the customer stops using the parking right before the end of the paid rental period
  • This contract cannot be terminated during the contract period, but ends at the end of the rental period


  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the parking permit has been paid and that the registration number/codes (maximum 2) have been entered correctly into the system. Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy is not responsible for erroneously given information, but the customer must himself ensure that the given information is correct
  • The registration numbers recorded in the customer data are added to the contract. However, only one car can be parked at the facility at a time per paid parking permit.
  • Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy can check the amount of rent annually on January 1. from If the amount of the rent changes, it will be informed on Vaasa Toriparki’s website toriparkki.fi during December. Parking rights that start in December and continue beyond the turn of the year continue at the price already paid. until the end of the rental period (maximum 1 month).


  • The car should primarily be parked in a free space on the lower level. The contract does not give up a marked parking space
  • The customer must follow parking and speed restrictions, traffic signs and other possible instructions in the facility or given by the parking system
  • The right to park only applies to cars/vans or motorcycles, no other storage.
  • Extensive car repair and maintenance work and tire changes are prohibited at the facility
  • Charging of electric cars is only allowed at charging points intended for electric cars. A separate fee is charged for downloading according to the price list


  • The use of the parking facility is the tenant’s own responsibility. Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy is not responsible for damages and inconveniences caused to third parties’ cars
  • The operating instructions of the parking facility must be followed
  • The contract cannot be transferred to a third party
  • The renter must always inform Toripysäköinn of the motor vehicle’s identified data, if an unregistered vehicle is kept in the parking facility. Otherwise, the car will be moved out of the facility to the Vaasa City depot, where the renter can redeem it after paying the accumulated costs.

Parking rights: Info Studio Ticket phone +358 6 3176514, toriparkki.fi