About ToriParkki Ltd

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy, a car-park enterprise, was established in 1991 to help relieve parking problems in downtown Vaasa, by building and maintaining a car-park facility or facilities. The main partners in the enterprise include Vaasa City Council and the most significant real estate companies and businesses around the market square. Mr Kim Biskop is the Chairman of the Board and Ms Susanna Spak the Managing Director. The turnover of Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy (Business ID: 0881518-3) was approx. 1.4 million euros in 2016.

The planning of a new car-park facility underneath the market square in Vaasa started immediately after the enterprise was established. At first, the idea was met with a lot of opposition and even resulted in two complaints and legal proceedings which were finally settled by higher court instances. Nevertheless, the construction of the 1st stage of the car-park facility started in late 1994 and it stood ready the next spring. The car-park was built using the so-called open-excavation technique, and it had 468 parking spaces on two levels. The design paid special attention to sufficiently wide bays, lighting and easy maneuverability in the facility.

These objectives were met and the car-park gained popularity right from the beginning, with the degree of utilization increasing year after year. Due to this great popularity, an extension to the car-park was planned and introduced for drivers in November 2003.

All in all, ToriParkki car-park facility provides 836 parking bays on two levels. It has two pedestrian routes to Rewell Center Mall, one to Espen Mall and one to Sampotalo. There are two entrance ramps – one from the south and another from the north. One can drive from the Sampotalo car-park to ToriParkki but not the other way round. Further, there are four staircases and elevators up to the market square.

Contact Information

Vaasan Toripysäköinti Oy Ltd
Ylätori 2 A, 65100 Vaasa

Studio Ticket (Shopping Center Rewell Center)
Open: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-4pm
June and July, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat/Sun Closed
Tel. +358 6 3176 514, +358 50-3255995

Guard 24h
+358 20 761 6300

Managing Director
Susanna Spak
+358 (0) 20 780 7029
[email protected]

Marketing Manager 
Hannele Kyrönlahti
+358 50 369 4456
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